Healthy Tips: 5 Home Remedies To Upkeep Dental Care

It is sad to see that as people grow, their dental care is given attention less and less. Once their braces are taken off, they no longer seek further dental services, they no longer drive down to their dental clinics, and they no longer give high regard in maintaining and upgrading dental care.

Yes, this is a sad reality, until they are forced to submit dental reports and records for employment purposes. What a shame!

Even though it is taken lightly, dental care is subtly one of the most critical hygiene maintenance that all of us should be mindful of. As opposed to the common notion, it should not end by age nor stop as we grow. Instead, advancing and keeping it on trend must be in our beauty regimen list.

There are many ways of upkeeping our dental care. If we aim for quality maintenance, we can always avail dental services offered by professionals from dental centers like the Markham Dental Centre. But if our schedule is too tight and we are too busy for a regular appointment, we can do dental care by ourselves through the following home remedies:

5 Home Remedies To Upkeep Dental Care

Trust Fluoride-Based Toothpaste. Regularly brushing our teeth, which we all know, is a fundamental way of keeping our mouth healthy. However, using the right materials in doing so must be taken seriously- from the type of toothbrush we rely upon to the kind of toothpaste we apply. Mainly for personal hygiene, we want nothing but the best quality for ourselves, don’t we?

Choose a toothpaste brand that has an adequate fluoride amount in it. Though almost all the commercialized tubes of toothpaste have this substance, it is still a prerogative to pick the best among the rest. Researchers have found out that the use of fluoride is healthy and good for our teeth because it remineralizes enamel. Thus, fluoride prevents cavities from forming.

Guava Leaf as a Natural Mouthwash. Bottles of mouthwash are readily available in all supermarkets. However, to avoid your mouth from too much exposure to chemicals, you can try making your mouthwash at home that is more natural and organic. Consider guava leaves that are genuinely healthy and beneficial.

Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties present in guava leaves effectively control plague. Hence, the use of guava leaves prevents tooth decay which we all want to get rid of. Also, guava leaf mouthwash freshens breath, relieves pain and reduces inflation of the gums. Hence, mouthwash made of guava leaf is effective oral hygiene management that is workable at home.

Reserve a little bone broth when cooking. We consume bone broth as a soup from healthy animals’ bone boiled into satisfaction. But did you know that bone broth is not just for your stomach’s delight? It is also an excellent home remedy for dental care!

Bone broth naturally fights tooth decay and removes unwanted cavities because it consists of magnesium and calcium. Since science considers our tooth as a bone, bone broth also ensures that we have strong rows of teeth. Aside from the oral benefits of bone broth, do not overlook its richness in fats, minerals, and vitamins. Bone broth is indeed a fitting miracle!

Whiten Teeth Through Baking Soda. Baking soda is a well-known ingredient to most home remedies, from household beautification to body care. It is known for whitening materials. Its effectivity extends up to teeth whitening. Many commercial toothpaste industries already consider of including baking soda in their composition.

Baking soda was already proven to brush stains away from the surface of the teeth. Also, it effectively fights bacteria from growing through your mouth because it sets an alkaline environment. You can apply baking soda overnight on a regular basis, and you will surely notice its whitening effect in time!

Give the Traditional Oil Pulling a Try. Originated in India a long time ago, oil pulling is an excellent home remedy in keeping your oral hygiene. Though there is no scientific evidence for its effectivity yet, oil pulling has been brilliantly removing toxins from the body, especially toxins found in the mouth.

Oil pulling uses either sesame, olive, coconut, or any other vegetable oil. It is done by swishing the desired oil around the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. It is suitable for preventing tooth decay and cavity build-up. Furthermore, oil pulling protects your mouth from gingivitis which is an oral disease where gums become red and sore.


We all want to keep our mouth healthy. We may be restricted from going to our trusted dentists due to some social demands and responsibilities; however, it is still not enough reason to stop caring for our oral health.

Besides, we are never too busy for a couple of simple oral hygiene routine like toothbrushing at least twice a day and frequent dental flossing, right? What are few undertakings to keep our mouth healthier then? They won’t even take up most of your time! And while you’re at it,  Add more care to your oral hygiene by preparing oral antibacterial such as augmentin, just in case you’ll ever find yourself in the midst of bacterial infection there are even augmentin coupon to help you with!

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