Stocking Your Medical Kit At Home

Whether you’re providing medical care for someone in your home or you want to be prepared in the event of a medical emergency, there are a few supplies that you can keep on hand in a kit for when they are needed.

If you have children in your home or if there is someone who is known to have medical issues that need prompt attention, then you should have at least some of these supplies available at all times.

Take note of the supplies that you already have, making a list of the items that you need so that you can find them at the best price whether online or from a supply store. Keep a healthy supply of cleansers in your home that can be used on the skin for various incidents.

These home medical supplies include hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and betadine or another type of disinfectant that can be used on cuts and scrapes that might require a bandage. You should also keep a supply of gauze or sterile pads to clean the skin with when these products are applied.

Most of the liquid cleansers that you can get are inexpensive and can be purchased at a pharmacy or even a retail store.

Keep a supply of various types of medications in your kit. These should include everything from cough medicine to a pain reliever. You should have liquids and pills available so that there is a variety depending on what’s easier for someone to swallow.

Each medicine that you have should be for a specific symptom instead of using the same medication to treat different symptoms.

Vapor rubs, Benadryl, stomach medications, and ibuprofen are common medications to keep available in case they are needed. Larger items that you might want to have on hand include bandages, tweezers, and crutches in case someone needs them to walk.

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