Is Horse Insurance Necessary?

Are you a rancher with dozens of horses? Was your daughter finally able to convince you to buy her a horse? Whatever your situation, if you have a horse, you should definitely look into purchasing horse insurance. Why, might you ask? There are many things that set horse ownership apart from standard pet ownership. Consider the following questions when determining if horse insurance is worthwhile.

Is Your Horse Part of Your Income?

Any business owner knows if they lose something crucial to their business, their business will suffer. If you own a ranch and one of your calmest horses is stolen or injured, your revenues could go down as your patrons have fewer horse-riding options. Horse insurance will help you recoup your losses and hopefully purchase a new horse or pay for your horse’s medical expenses to get things back on track.

Should You Protect Your Investment?

Even if you don’t run a ranch or have a star in horse races, as a horse owner, you know horses aren’t a dime a dozen. While the purchase price of a horse can vary, it’s seldom an inexpensive affair. Any time you buy anything worth a good deal of money, you’ll be encouraged to seek out insurance to help cover your losses if something happens to it. Granted, horses are living creatures and you will likely develop an incredible bond with them, but you’ll still want to be covered just in case something happens.

What If Your Horse Causes an Injury?

Now that you own a horse, it’s important to think about the possibility that someone interacting with it may be injured. If someone is hurt while grooming, training or riding your horse you as the owner will be liable. Whether you own many horses or just one, having horse insurance will help protect you and your holdings should a lawsuit or medical claim arise.

Purchasing horse insurance is a wonderful way to protect your investment, your horse, and your community.

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