The Joy Of Owning Your Own Horse

There’s no question that having a bond with an animal is an incredibly rewarding and joyful experience on many levels. Taking care of an animal creates a loving bond between the animal and its master, and the beauty of it is that the love and affection really goes both ways. Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows that the bond can run very deep. Quite honestly, some people mourn the loss of a pet at a deeper level than they do some of their human companions.

A Long History of Animal Love

The history of humans and their bond with animal companions goes back throughout history. Though today most pets are seen mostly as playful furry friends, in years gone by animals were also seen as workers.

Of course, even today horses often serve as work animals in that they provide a means of transportation (which is why it’s important for any horse owner to have equine liability insurance) as well as companionship.

In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped for their elegance and beauty, but they also worked hard to keep rodents away from the grain storage areas, which was hugely important in keeping Egyptian society free from famine during lean years. For this and other reasons, cats were deified and often used as the models for Gods in Egyptian statuary.

Dogs have also long been used as work animals, especially in the Yukon where huskies pulled sleds through the snow. Dogs have also traditionally been used to help hunt wild game, and today dogs are often seen as fool proof security systems in suburban areas, as their bark is known to ward off intruders.

There’s no question we owe a lot to our animal friends. Animals are beautiful creatures that offer love unconditionally to everyone who cares for them. In this way, they have a lot to teach their human masters.

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